Life’s a Beach Cupcakes

Little gems of the ocean (or should i say the oven)
beach theme cupcakeThe world is your oyster


star-fish-on-sand-cupcakeStarfish on a sandy beach


The world is your oysterthe world is your oyster


Octopus cupcakeA jellyfish cupcake


beach theme cupcakesLife’s a beach with marshmallow fondant
Original cupcake designs by Charis


Sorry, no recipes here. I just wanted to show off these amazing cupcakes. When my daughter said she wanted to make some cupcakes, I thought it was going to be just some cupcakes. But these… every bite sends you on a guilt trip! Not because I worry about the calories, I simply don’t want to destroy¬†her beautiful creation.

KB - A kitchen full of beans!

Kitchen Bean

Ha!Ha! Once the icing’s gone, there’s no point in the cake right? Thanks for dropping by NP!

Kitchen Bean

Thank you for your compliment! Yes, I’m very surprised at the creativity of my 14 year old who has done the whole thing from start to finish entirely by herself. I’m a lucky mom who gets to enjoy them.


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