How to Make a Corsage

Have you ever made a corsage?

Imagine if you could, although you won’t save a lot of money for making just the one but you’d get a lot of fun I promise. My daughter returned home from school one day with a remarkable corsage made during her elective class. She said it took about 30 minutes from the beginning to the end following her teacher’s instructions. The corsage looked amazing. If you’re starting out the first time, it’s advisable to pick a really robust but simple flower for the main stalk like the one we’ve shown here. For the rest of the arrangement, you’d want smaller flowers with thin stems so that you can tape round the main flower.



How to make a flower corsage
Here’s how the corsage is made…

1. Pick a flower that is fresh and robust.

2. Trim the length of the stem to approximately 2 and 1/2 inches.

3. Cut away the leaves on the stem.

4. With a wire, insert into the stem all the way to the top and through the flower as shown in the round picture above.

5. Bend the hook of the wire and then pull the wire back to conceal it.

6. Now, you have a flexible bendy stem, just cut the remaining wire approximately 2 inches longer than the stem.

7. Wrap Round the stem with a flower tape all the way from the tip of the wire to the base of the flower.

8. Now, this particular stem with the wire forms the backbone for the rest of the flowers and foliage display.

9. Play with the arrangement and tape all the flowers together.

10. Wind a nice ribbon (which is not shown here) around the stem of the flower.

11. Congratulations – your corsage is made!

12. Don’t forget – flowers last longer in the fridge.

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