Will Eating Ramen Noodles Kill You?

How bad are Ramen Noodles?

DPP_Cake0000022Well, just about everything can cause harm if you eat an excessive amount. I’m a great lover of ramen noodles but studies say it’s bad for health – no nutrition, too much salt, and it contains msg which added to virtually all junk foods and is addictive! So what benefits, if any, are there in Ramen noodles? The answer is – it’s really cheap and cheerful! If you’re on a shoe string budget, especially for students, ramen noodles can make a good snack just to keep you going a little while longer till you see your mom again! However, you won’t get anything healthy out of it unless you put something healthy into it.

Many times I think people eat ramen noodles the wrong way. It shouldn’t be prepared by pouring hot water and emptying a sachet of msg into the noodles despite the instructions given on the packet. You should throw away the flavorings for a start and prepare your noodles properly by cooking it in plenty of boiling water. Add fresh and wholesome ingredients such as vegetables, egg or cooked meat. Below are a few tips for a healthier ramen noodles and it gets my mouth watering every time.

1 packet ramen noodles
1 egg
1/2 tablespoon soya sauce (Kikkoman soya sauce is naturally brewed and does not have msg)
1/2 tablespoon olive oil
A small amount of vegetables – (You can use mange tout, carrots, broccoli, bean sprouts, watercress or any vegetables you like)
2 stalks of spring onions – chopped
Chilli sauce or fresh chiilies



1. Boil a small pot of water and put a couple of drops of sunflower or olive oil.

2. Crack an egg into the hot water until the white is cooked but keep the yolk runny. Remove the egg and set it aside.

3. Now put in the vegetables and let it cook a few seconds.

4. After a couple of minutes throw in the packet of dried noodles. Let it cook for a couple of minutes until soften but not too long or it will turn soggy.

5. In the bowl, mix the soya sauce and olive oil.

6. When the noodles are ready, lift the noodles and vegetables out and mix in with the sauce.

7. You can pour just a bit of the noodle broth into the bowl if you like.

8. Sprinkle with spring onions, garnish with fresh chillies or a dash of chilly sauce.

You can also add dried onions, garlic powder or pepper to enhance the taste.


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