A Seaside Birthday Theme

A surprise bedroom makeover for a teenager can be a risky business. Your teenager can feel their privacy invaded. A lot of sensitivity is needed to plan this surprise and also knowing your child whether he/she would appreciate it is very important. In our case, we took a chance!

TThe Bedroom Makeover - a complete set from T.J.Max

A Bedroom Set from T.J.Maxx

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Thankfully, everything turned out really well. The birthday girl was thrilled with her new bedroom and even made a beautiful birthday cake to go with the theme – a seaside theme. It sounds funny that the birthday girl made her own birthday cake but she insisted and at the end of the day, she had the cake how she wanted it. We looked in amazement as she planted the last chocolate sea shell on top of the beautifully decorated cake.

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The birthday girl making her own cakeThe birthday girl decorating her cake.


The Beautiful Birthday Cake by the Birthday GirlThe seashells were made of chocolate in a seaside themed chocolate mould and painted with edible gold lustre dust.


A chocolate and Vanilla Layered Sponge CakeYou can You can make the cake with any sponge cake recipe using alternating layers of chocolate sponge and vanilla.


Need some inspiration for a bedroom makeover as a surprise birthday gift for a teenager? Here’s one with a seaside…

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