Dogs Are Never Late For Dinner


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When it comes to meals, dog food is certainly very convenient. No washing up to do and certainly no family fueds who’s peeling the potatoes or who’s stacking the dishwasher. And you can feed the dog the same old food everyday and he would still be happy. One amazing thing about dogs is they have very good internal clock. If you feed the dog everyday at the same time, they soon learn how to tell when it’s time for feeding. Every day, at six o’clock, my dog looks at me with the words “feed me please” written all over her face. When she looks at me with that adorable look on her face, I know I cannot resist but give her whatever she asks for and usually it’s food. I have a habit of dropping her food at a height into her tin bowl because I don’t want to bend down too far. It makes quite a melody… rutta-thud-thud-thud-thud with the dry pallets! One day she was rather confused because there was no sound when I dropped her food in her bowl. I had mixed her food with some boiled rice. She looked at me as if to say – are you serious? Well, dogs are dogs they know their routine.

According to Cesar Milan, a leading dog behavior specialist, in order to correct food aggression behavior in dogs caused by anxiety, you have to make sure the dog feeds at a regular time everyday. I think human beings are the same. We should have meals at regular times everyday. I see when I’m late cooking, my kids are hungry and they become irritable. My husband will keep asking when’s dinner. Sometimes my husband is late for dinner and I get upset though I wouldn’t like to admit it… So, to conclude, to keep “food aggression” down to the minimum in the family including the dog – have regular meal times together!


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