The Family That Eats Together

Picture of my dog when she was just about to go over the fence when the snow was four foot deep

Picture of my dog before escaping over the fence when the snow was piled up high

I believe my golden retriever loves us dearly but part of her nature she enjoys escaping. The first time was terrifying – we thought we’d lost our dog completely. But after a couple of times, we discovered she has a favorite hangout spot – a neighbor just three or four houses to the right who has children. So, now we know where to retrieve our golden retriever should she do her dirty tricks again. Dogs are like kids, they want to have some fun venturing outside the boundary. A dog soon learns that he is being self-rewarded for ignoring the owner, and if the owner has to call him a billion times to come, then the dog also learns not to come till he’s called a billion times. A common mistake dog owners do is when the dog eventually returns, the dog is being punished.

dog walk and extra long dog leash cartoon

Parenting teenagers can be like that at times. The leash gets longer and longer and soon no one comes when you call. In the recent years, I notice the absence of regular family meals as one of the biggest changes in my family. This is mainly due to our busy lifestyle. My husband is working in a pressured environment in the corporate world and I have become an entrepreneur spending all my waking hours honing my business. The kids are growing up fast and becoming independent individuals. Family meals suddenly takes a back seat; I don’t have time to cook and they don’t have time to attend. And before you know it, we haven’t seen each other for months! I realize how important it is to re-establish our unity and make family meals a priority again.

According to – How to Get Your Dog to Come When Called, there are three things you must do. Give him treat, become the place your dog wants to be and maintain fun while putting the leash on. Same goes with the family. According to Cesar Milan, a leading dog behavior specialist, one of the first things you must do to create a strong bond and balanced relationship with your new dog is to be the pack leader from day one. It’s fundamental and we need that balance in our relationship with our kids.

The Family That Eats Together Stays Together

Yesterday, we barbecued hamburgers and cooked Pilaf rice. We didn’t have any bread or buns but we found salad, mozzerella cheese, tomatoes and some left over chicken curry. We had a very good family meal together!

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