I’m Beautiful

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This is Connie!

I have a beautiful golden retriever. She’s intelligent, good looking and has a face of an angel. Everyone loves her! Despite her future being so golden, she has a certain disorder. She has a self obsessive behavior that is destructive. She chews her feet and gnaws her tail until they’re about to fall off. To stop her I’ve to put her in a dog cone. Her mad cyclic behavior comes round every few months to send my vet bills rocketing towards the ceiling. My vet told me she’s probably insecure and would benefit from using an anxiety wrap. To get one, it costs around $60.

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Human nature can be compared to the likes of my golden retriever. It seems the more good looking we are, the more neurotic we become.  We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look perfect and be perfect. We human beings really need that security wrap to tell ourselves we are fine for who we are.

Do you think my nose is big cartoon
Kids today are bombarded with so much negative influence from the media. Every day they are exposed to distorted definition of beauty. Beauty isn’t about the outer appearance of a person, but rather what is within the person. My youngest daughter once said to me – the more you stare in the mirror, the more imperfections you will find. How true! You’ll soon wear yourself down if you don’t stop looking in the mirror.

The Bible has a beautiful description of our creation…

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well ~ Psalm 139:14:

Science also reports how awesomely made we are!

“The human body is an utterly amazing creation. Even a basic consideration of its functions boggles the mind. Neurons connect to the nervous system, the nervous system connects our muscles and hair-trigger messaging occurs at lightening speed. Every component is composed of microscopic cells, tiny self-regenerating entities numbering in the trillions. Yet, somehow it all comes together, each intricate system functioning in a harmonious symphony conducted masterfully by the brain.”

Excerpt from The Huffington Post

So, in other words, we’ve no reason to doubt how beautiful we are. And my dog is certainly a beautiful dog despite her big nose, large scary teeth, long droopy ears, to me she’s the most adorable creature!


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