Baby Hammock Support Bed

  • Baby Hammock Support Bed
  • Baby Hammock Support Bed
  • Baby Hammock Support Bed
  • Baby Hammock Support Bed
  • Baby Hammock Support Bed
  • Baby Hammock Support Bed

Baby Hammock Support Bed

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😴Comfiest Nap Ever! Second Only To A Mother's Womb🤰

 Wombsy simulates a mother’s womb, keeping your baby extremely comfortable and safe. Unique shape and function helps newborns self-soothe and stay asleep longer.

Universal Fit

It comes with 4 straps that make it possible for it be attached to all standard sized cribs. Just turn the strap around the edge bars, adjust the length as per your desire and you are good to go.


Reduces External Risk Factors Associated With SIDS

By using a natural, breathable, flexible, mesh we have designed our system to promote a healthy environment, regardless of a baby’s movement or positioning. Breathable mesh helps maintain an even temperature.

We went viral last holiday season

Last holiday season this bag got viral generating thousands of comments and posts in a few days. How's that? And now we are back again, stronger!


👶🏻Easing The transition To The Outer World

Wombsy replicates the womb environment with gentle motion and gently cuddles around them without any hard pressure points, which is why babies settle and sleep soundly in them. 

Baby Hammock for Crib Detachable Portable Bed Kit | Baby

Moreover, when it is time to lay your sleeping baby down, its gentle movement makes the transition from a parent’s arms to sleeping in the hammock a breeze. Instead of dropping the baby on a cot’s hard surface and hoping that the baby stays asleep, this Hammock moves gently while you settle in the baby, often without the baby even realizing the change.

✅Helps Prevent Head Deformity

Wombsy prevents head deformity from happening by providing a softer, air-like bed for your baby to rest on instead of a hard mattress. It promotes healthy development for babies by taking away dangerous hinges and electronics and recreates the posture they'd be in while in your embrace.

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Q: What age is this suitable for? 

A: It is suitable for 0-8 months old and comfortably supports up to 30 lbs. 

Q: Will it fit my baby's crib? 

A: Wombsy fits all standard-sized cribs. 

Q: How do I set it up? 

A: Set up is very simple.

1. Loosen straps on all four sides and attach to the four corners on your child’s crib.

2. Once attached, secure safety strap, pull excess strapping through safety loop and tighten straps until Crescent Womb is taut. There should be no slack.

3. Once all straps are installed correctly- place infant on back, in center of Crescent Womb, as shown in the figure on safety info.. 

Q: How do I wash it?

A: You can machine wash it every 2-4 uses.